A better way to build.

Affordable luxury homes with all the bells and whistles.

Our Mission

We know for many people in this country, owning a home is dream they feel is out of their reach. At Simplifi Homes, we wanted to find a way to help people all across the United States realize their dream of home ownership. We are a Systemized Custom Home™ manufacturing firm that is committed to safely delivering hand crafted homes on time and on budget.

Simplifi Homes has developed new and innovative methods to manufacturing and deliver high quality market rate affordable homes. Because of those methods, the Simplifi team is able to deliver a superior product while controlling our costs.

The Simplifi team has traveled the country, assembling the very best partners in order to fulfill our dream... Helping revitalize communities in this great nation, by providing high quality jobs and high quality affordable housing.


Our Facility

Our indoor construction facility allows us to construct homes with an efficiency and cost effectiveness that is impossible to achieve through traditional on-site stick framed construction. With an eye towards retaining hand-crafted traditional craftsmanship, we have designed systems that have inspired the next evolution of hand crafted homes, proudly built in our local communities.


Energy Efficient

We have engineered systems that allow us to provide insulation ratings that meet or exceed the local codes and standards in the majority of US States. This efficient design comes standard in every model we build. We have hand selected high efficiency HVAC systems, along with a variety of technologies that keep your energy bills lower. We also offer a solar package that will significantly decrease your annual electric bills, and in some cases, eliminate them all together.

Top Notch Materials

Because we can buy our materials in bulk, we are able to significantly decrease our material cost. This allows Simplifi to pass on that savings to our customers, while in many cases, exceeding the structural integrity of most site-built stick framed homes. We partner with local designers to create a style that fits the communities we serve. All of our materials are selected with an eye towards value and a style that impresses.


Add your customizations

Simplifi created tremendous value for its customers by working hard to limit our customization to the choices that really matter. However, make no mistake, each one of our homes is unique. They are hand crafted, and customized whenever possible, to suit the taste of our clients. This home is your own, make it yours.

Design your home

Use our simple online design tool to choose the look and feel of your dream home

Sign the documents

After we send you the paperwork, you sign everything online without having to leave the house

Move into your new home

Before you know it, you will be living the American dream in your very own home