Developers & Investors

An efficient business model that can be replicated all across the United States

End-to-end planning and construction

We are utilizing the production methods we have refined in our local production facilities to develop an efficient business model that can be replicated all across the United States. We have large indoor facilities planned across the country. We have intellectual property related to the construction and transportation of homes that not only sets us up for success, but sets us apart from any other builder. The homes are often built in their entirety and then transported to the final destination in one piece. The house is offloaded or erected on a permanent foundation, making the home eligible for traditional financing / conventional mortgages (assuming the homeowner also owns the lot).

With our early production facilities as our inspiration – we have learned to keep up with the high demand for new housing in areas where site built homes are virtually impossible due to increasing material cost, and a decline in the availability of skilled labor. By building houses in one central location, and training our own local labor force, we can keep up with demand and produce homes at a rate that keeps up with the demand for affordable housing.

Simplifi Homes Benefits

There are many benefits to building houses in a centrally located facility.

  • Zero Weather Delays

    No delays because of weather so able to build houses more quickly

  • Bulk Savings

    Able to procure building materials in bulk at more competitive prices and have them delivered to one central building site

  • Minimal Trash

    Noise and trash as a result of the construction is confined to one area.

  • Quality Craftsmen

    Able to employee high quality carpenters as they can be working on multiple homes at one site.

  • Less Risk

    The business is not confined or dependent on one market like site built homes; therefore, there is less risk in marketing these homes.

  • High Quality

    Able to offer higher quality construction for more affordable homes.

  • Resource Allocation

    There is a more efficient allocation of resources which leads to less wasted materials.


A Focus on Improving Communities

Our focus is often on communities often overrun by poverty and declining housing stock. Many homes were built without regard for quality, and now leave their residents living in uninhabitable housing. The overall values in the community are declining and people are moving out of these communities.

Our goal is to create quality, energy efficient, market rate affordable housing, that will stand the test of time and that can revitalize entire communities. We believe that private investment partners, in their local communities, are integral to our long term success. We have visited dozens of communities across the nation and the message is clear…


Simplifi Homes’ business model addresses this endless demand.


Our Developer and Investor Program

The Simplifi Homes partners with local real estate developers and investors to provide a wider variety of design and to offer discounts to our partners. We have built homes from 300 – 1900 SF for our partners.

• 15% off retail pricing for standard designs
• Custom finishes available
• Custom light fixtures available
• Custom plumbing fixtures available
• Custom foundations available
• Upgraded appliances available
• Custom paint colors available

• Custom floor plans and designs available
• Custom countertops available
• Custom flooring available
• Custom hardware available
• Custom wall covering available
• Custom trim available
• Custom porch details available

Get In Touch

We would love to discuss a partnership in your community.

Drop us a line anytime, we endeavor to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.